El pasado viernes 27 de noviembre tuvo lugar en Sevilla la última jornada del ciclo de encuentros empresariales que habíamos empezado en Madrid y Barcelona los días 23, 24 y 25, y que habíamos continuado en Valencia el día 26. En conjunto suponían el capítulo español de Ecopreneurs for the […]

#ECO4CLIM15 en Sevilla: buscando soluciones al cambio climático

A succesful 2015 edition of “Ecopreneurs for the Climate” brought together more than 70 green businesses, 100 organizations and 500+ participants from 5 european countries to identify Climate Change-related challenges and outline joint business solutions at the heart of a sustainable economy ecosystem. Now, the time has come to bring […]

Ecopreneurs for the Climate arrive in Paris for the COP21, ...

On November 23-28 2015 green businesses and green economy stakeholders from Germany, France, Netherlands and Spain participated in “Ecopreneurs for the Climate 2015”. -Europe’s Sustainable Economy Alliance- supported the initiative with its member national networks organizing events in their respective countries. #ECO4CLIM15 far-reaching impact clearly showed how green businesses, and […]

First results: Ecopreneurs for the Climate 2015 – #ECO4CLIM15 #COP21

The long-awaited day has come. – Europe’s Green Business Network is being officially presented at the European Parliament on Wednesday December 2nd 2015 at 8:30am. Our mission is to empower green businesses, especially SMEs, and foster the Green Economy all across Europe. To achieve this, among other areas of […]

Invitation to the official presentation of at the European ...

Image: Drought in Sudan (Arne Hoel, World Bank)Certainly, the main battle has been lost already: the great amount of greenhouse gases that we have already emitted since Industrial Revolution is likely to cause a 2ºC temperature rise in the global average temperature, with respect to Pre-industrial levels, by the end […]

Towards the end of a fossil fuel-based economy

After a successful launch in Vienna (January 22), and engaging co-creation workshops in Madrid (January 29) and Barcelona (June 5), -Europe’s Green Business Network– takes it to the next level with “Ecopreneurs for the Climate 2015“. #ECO4CLIM15 comprises a series of events happening simultaneously in several European countries (France, […]

Launch of “Ecopreneurs for the Climate 2015” – November 23-28 ...

Fuente: Planeta Futuro – El País En nuestros días, uno de los mayores desafíos globales a los que nos enfrentamos son las crecientes desigualdades económicas, una realidad que se traduce, y se alimenta, de injusticias sociales y deterioro ambiental. Disponemos, no obstante, de herramientas para hacer frente a esta situación. […]

Aprendiendo a cooperar para una economía verde en África – ...

Se ha abierto la convocatoria para participar en los “Premios Ecoemprendedores BioCultura”, que organiza BioCultura y que cuenta con la colaboración especial de Greenbiz (Green Business Spain). Hasta el 5 de octubre, las pymes ecológicas interesadas pueden presentar sus candidaturas según consta en las bases alojadas en la web de BioCultura. Estos premios suponen la […]

PREMIO ECOEMPRENDEDORES BIOCULTURA: Abierta la convocatoria a las mejores Pymes ...

Tunisia, a country I’ve felt a strong sense of connection with ever since the first time I visited it, back in December 2011, for a workshop on “Perspectives and employment opportunities for a Green Economy in Tunisia”, organised by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) and the CITET (Tunis International […]

Boosting the green economy in Tunisia (SWITCH-MED) – International Cooperation

After Algeria (May 17-21) and Tunisia (May 25-29), the “training of trainers” phase of the SWITCH-MED project (United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP/MAP – SCP/RAC) arrives in Morocco (June 8-12), seeking to contribute to the development of a strong ecosystem for eco-entrepreneurship & green business in the country, and link it to the whole Mediterranean network […]

An ecosystem for eco-entrepreneurship in Morocco (SWITCH-MED) – International Cooperation