Greenbiz: launch and integration into, the European Network of Green Business

In the autumn of 2014, propelled by a collaboration between Incubaeco and UnternehmensGrün (the German Federal Association of Green Business), within the framework of a mapping of leading eco-entrepreneurs and green start-ups in Europe, a new project took shape: greenbiz – Green Business Spain.

The evolution was natural. First of all, the approach and target audience widened in size and scope, moving from eco-entrepreneurship to the Green Economy, from eco-entrepreneurs to all actors of the ecosystem, including SMEs, large companies, NGOs and the public administration.

Similarly, the portfolio of action lines extended from an exclusive focus on incubation of eco-entrepreneurs, to incorporating innovation (multi-agent co-creation for business innovation on environmental practices and the development of Green Economy ecosystems), research (network-based “crowdsourcing” to measure the real impact of sustainable companies), and a marketplace of SMEs. SMEs indeed constitute the cornerstone, the pool of talent and the main engine of the Greenbiz Network.


Lastly, the geographical reach expanded as well, from national to transnational, taking the structure of a network of networks:, the European Network of Green Business. Greenbiz contributes with the Spanish side of the network, joining forces with the founders, UnternehmensGrün (Federal Association of Green Business, Germany), Entreprendre Vert (Platform for Sustainable Entrepreneurs, France) and Grüne Wirtschaft (Organisation of Green Entrepreneurs, Austria), as well as other national organizations that will follow (Denmark, Norway and England being on the pipeline as this article is published).

In short, Greenbiz we are a team of professionals that, from a social enterprise, we work at the heart of an ecosystem of actors to foster the Green Economy in Spain, Europe and the world. Our mission is to contribute with business solutions that are economically viable and socially empowering to the main environmental challenges at the local and global level. In order to achieve the above-mentioned mission and vision, we set ourselves the following objectives to guide our work:
  • Identify, empower, promote and connect business initiatives that are economically viable, create high environmental value and are socially empowering
  • Foster business innovation towards environmental sustainability
  • Contribute to the development, promotion and connection of Green Economy ecosystems through eco-entrepreneurship and environmental innovation methodologies
  • Measure and spread the real impact, on the three dimensions of sustainability, of green businesses
  • Act as a catalyst for the improvement of the law and public policy with regards to the Green Economy and Sustainable Development
The essence of greenbiz and its team members is characterized by these three core values: 
  • Determination: we firmly believe in the essential role of business in environmental preservation and sustainability in general
  • Collaboration: our structure is that of a network of networks, with a working philosophy grounded on sharing resources and joining forces in pursuit of the common good
  • Action: we advocate for a pragmatic approach driven by action and oriented towards constant learning and improvement. Action based on data, action to positively impact the environment and society

Summing up, Greenbiz draws from the vast experience of Incubaeco, an incubator of eco-entrepreneurs operating since 2012, itself led by Emprendae, a social enterprise working since 2009 for the promotion and empowerment of eco-entrepreneurs. Adding to that comes its cross-sectoral scope, multi-agent approach and diversity of the European network ( In this manner, inherited from our co-founders’ DNA,  Greenbiz we are born with a vision and a working philosophy firmly rooted on collaboration and networking.

It all starts next week. On Thursday January 29th, at Impact Hub Madrid, one of our key partners, from we host a workshop to present the preliminary results of the european mapping of green start-ups we are conducting. Knowing what exists, where we are, what is working well, what is missing, identifying opportunities, and envisioning and co-creating the future we want. You are all welcome to join us next thursday to beging this magnificent journey together. Registration here:

Registration: Workshop