Greenbiz to take part in SWITCH-MED (UNEP/MAP – SCP/RAC) to empower eco-entrepreneurs & green businesses in the Mediterranean

Greenbiz has been selected by the United Nations Environment Programme/Mediterranean Action Plan – Sustainable Consumption and Production/Regional Activity Center (UNEP/MAP – SCP/RAC) to take part in the SWITCH-MED  project, aimed at empowering eco-entrepreneurs & green business in the southern Mediterranean basin, which includes Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Algeria, Libya and Syria.

SWITCH-MED is a EU funded programme, whose objective is “to facilitate the shift toward Sustainable Consumption and Production – SCP – in the Southern Mediterranean Region. The programme is about changing the way goods and services are produced and consumed, so that human development and satisfaction of human needs is decoupled from environmental degradation. It will support industry, emerging green entrepreneurs, civil society and policy makers through policy development, demonstration activities and networking.”

SWITCH-MED’s core goals and activities. Source:

As of our participation, Greenbiz we are involved in the “Green entrepreneurship and civil society empowerment” sub-component, within the SWITCH-Med Demonstration component, which basically “promotes the adoption of new green and socially inclusive business models, targeting start-ups and advocating sustainable consumption patterns and values among consumers and civil society at broad”, a mission directly aligned with ours.

Concretely speaking, we will integrate a team of experts, coordinated by our partners of Innèdit Innovació, to undertake the following tasks:
  • Develop an eco-entrepreneurship and green business development methodology, by improving and updating the “Greening the entrepreneurial spirit of mediterraneans” guide we co-designed in 2012, drawing from our experience on the ground in recent years. It will be complemented by a compilation of green business cases from our database, particularly from the recent mapping of green start-ups we have carried out from
  • Training (using the methodology mentioned) and supporting local trainers in the participating countries, so that they can in turn advise eco-entrepreneurs and boost green businesses in their own regions.
  • Capacitating strategic local partners in the design and put into practice of Green Economy ecosystems, by engaging the key stakeholders and raising the necessary funds and resources.
Moreover, we will take advantage of our characteristic structure of “network of networks” to connect eco-entrepreneurs and green businesses from the cited Mediterranean countries with their counterparts from Spain (Greenbiz) and Europe (; facilitating the exchange of good practices and the sharing of resources along the way. 

Greenbiz’s team members have a long and prosperous history of collaborating with UNEP/MAP – SCP/RAC, having successfully accomplished several missions around the same objectives in various Mediterranean countries, since 2011:
  • “Green Entrepreneurship in the Social & Innovation Week of Sicily“. September 2011, Hub Syracuse, Sicily, Italy. Full article.
  • “Egypt Green Days- Empowering Changemakers: Green entrepreneurship workshop”. November 2011, American University in Cairo, Egypt. Full article.
  • “Roundtable on perspectives and employment opportunities for a green economy in Tunisia. Workshop on green entrepreneurship”. CITET (International Center of Environmental technologies of Tunisia. December 2011, Tunis, Tunisia.
  • “Green Entrepreneurship & Eco-Design Training Programme – Greening the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Mediterraneans”. June 2012, American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon. Full article.
  • “Training of trainers – Eco-entrepreneurship”. November 2012, Hammamed, Tunisia. Full article.
  • “Who is who? Open Elevator Pitch for International Eco-entrepreneurs”. December 2013 – February 2014. Barcelona, Spain. Full article.

Greebiz’s experts at work with UNEP/MAP – SCP/RAC around the MED: Italy, Lebanon, Tunisia and Spain.

In the coming weeks we are bound to begin the first phase (methodology development), so stay tuned, cause the eco-entrepreneurs are coming to green our beloved Mediterranean 😉