Ecopreneurs for the Climate

“Ecopreneurs for the Climate” is the Global Week of Green Business and the Climate Movement. A week of activities (eco-innovation workshops and Climate Champion Awards), taking place in cities and communities all across the world, aimed at scaling up green business solutions that tackle climate change. After the successful 2015 Edition, in which 7 European cities from 4 different countries took part (Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville); in 2016 more cities are joining the global movement of “Ecopreneurs for the Climate”, gaining momentum after the historic Paris Agreement. Innovative business solutions, supported by green economy ecosystems, to the mitigation and adaptation challenges posed by climate change.

The 2016 edition –ECO4CLIM16– will take place on October 03-09, 2016. It will comprise multi-stakeholder eco-innovation workshops and the Climate Champion Awards. Besides, ECO4CLIM’s coordinators, climate-champion ecopreneurs and global partners participate in prestigious international formums the likes of the COP22 Climate Summit in Morocco, or SwitchMed Connect 2016 in Barcelona. Now is the time, participate, add your city or join our ecosystem of partners: