A fundamental action line of ours is the incubation of new business initiatives that pursue sustainability and are able to create significant environmental value. An expert committee, around specific environmental challenges, selects eco-entrepreneurs with high potential for impact to participate in the incubation program described next:

Incubation Program - Impact Eco-entrepreneurs

Addressed to: eco-entrepreneurs with ventures that respond to environmental challenges through business solutions that are economically sound and socially empowering

Tangible results: green business plan, tested prototypes, operational legal form, first sales, economic & financial plan based on real data, (potential) funding

: 6 months

Services comprised:
  • Methodology: monthly working sessions guided by the eco-entrepreneurship methodology developed by UNEP/MAP – SCP/RAC (United Nations Environment Programme/Mediterranean Action Plan – Sustainable Consumption and Production/Regional Activity Center), of which greenbiz we are co-authors and trainers. The 5 areas dealt with (strategy, business model, ecodesign, management and communication) combined with the working method (direct application by prototyping and testing of solutions) allow to build a company grounded on solid foundations, those that jointly maximize the environmental and social value created within economic viability
  • Advice: monthly sessions of group-based advice using the “mastermind” technique
  • Mentoring: monthly sessions with experienced mentors from the Network
  • Prototyping: development and testing of prototypes to model and refine the project and its business model. Use of tools like crowdfunding, pre-sales oriented events, etc.
  • Networking: monthly events around specific themes and environmental challenges of companies. Best practices exchange and knowledge sharing.
  • Promotion: promotion and publicity over the Network’s variety of channels:
    • Online: marketplace, social media, newsletter, media partners and network of collaborators
    • Offline: stands and  “speakers’ corner” at events and fairs
  • Funding: at the right time, once the company has been legally established and validated by greenbiz’s experts, the incubated companies will be granted access to a range of funding mechanisms such as ethical banking, investment clubs and greenbiz’s annual Eco-Investment Forum

On top of it all, the sponsoring companies will offer the following additional services to the eco-entrepreneurs in the program:
  • In-house mentoring by top managers from the company
  • Volunteer program for the company’s employees to join and collaborate with the incubated project 
  • Potential extra funding

Further information: next edition

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