Greenbiz’s largest asset is no other than the creativity, diversity and dynamism of the green SMEs and ecopreneurs that form our network. Our role, at its heart, focuses on enabling business innovation to achieve environmental sustainability. Innovation in the approach, methodology, solutions and even in the very framing of the challenges themselves. Our open eco-innovation labs (“eco-crowdsourcing”) create the following value to our customers:
  • Solve business challenges on environmental sustainability (Energy and Climate Change, Water, Biodiversity, Pollution, Waste, etc.), for strategic sectors like Housing, Transport, Telecommunications, Tourism, Agriculture and Food, or Manufacturing.
  • Catalyze business eco-innovation towards continuous enhancement and environmental excellence, via multi-agent co-creation with all key stakeholders (ecopreneurs, SMEs, NGOs, experts, large companies, media, public administration, universities and business schools …), thus maximizing the power of collective intelligence.
  • Align with Europe’s leading green business, as well as with the climate movementEcopreneurs for the Climate-.
For more information, you can download our service catalog (in Spanish) of eco-innovation for business:

Eco-innovation labs