So, if your company identifies itself with the following principles, apply for admission into the Greenbiz Network via the form below. As member, you will have at your disposal a series of services and advantages suited to your needs:


With environmental sustainability and social responsibility as mottos, the member companies of the Greenbiz Network embody and abide by a series of principles, and practice, that naturally become the admission criteria for new members:
  • Economy: we are a network of companies, and therefore of agents that believe in the economy as a driver of change and, more importantly, walk their talk through self-sustainable business models that implement that vision.
  • Environment: both our purpose and practice are oriented towards the protection of and integration into the natural environment.
  • Society: one of today’s major issues is the acute and growing economic inequalities that exist. In this sense, the bridging of this gap by creating green, quality and empowering employment that contributes to a fair allocation of resources, becomes the quintessential goal of the Greenbiz Network and its members. 
In short, the member companies of the Greenbiz Network are characterized, in general, by bringing practical and economically viable solutions to environmental challenges both at the local and global level, and from a full empowerment of the communities where they operate.

Services & advantages

The following list contains the portfolio of services offered to the member companies of the Greenbiz Network. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information:
  • Marketplace: publication on the online marketplace, visible on’ frontpage.
  • Promotion: monthly: “welcome post” for new members in the blog section of the website, reportage of new members for media partners and mention in newsletter. Regular messages, according to schedule and planning, on social media and other digital channels.
  • Members’ social network: web access to the online social network of Greenbiz Network’s members.
  • Networking, contents and exchange of best practices: priority attendance and participation in all activities periodically hosted by greenbiz at our venues and our regional partners’.
  • Providers: discounts and advantages in the services offered by our pool of sustainable providers.
  • Funding: match-making with responsible investors at our annual Eco-investment Forum.
  • Innovation: participation in the multi-agent (eco-entrepreneurs, SMEs, large companies, NGOs, etc.), co-creation sessions for environmental innovation, facilitated by greenbiz
  • Research: participation, and credit on the corresponding publications, in research studies, through “networked crowdsourcing”, about business solutions to environmental challenges and their real impact on the ground.

Membership and terms

If selected, these are the admission and membership terms, as well as the annual fee:
  • Membership fee: 30 euros/year (potential discounts via promotional codes), to be debited upon admission from the bank account provided
  • Renewal: will be automatically executed 12 months after admission. Cancellation will have to be requested before the last month of the current membership year.
  • Legal aspects: greenbiz is a registered trademark in Spain of Incubaeco S.L. (CIF: B86974771). The legal relation is therefore established between the member company and Incubaeco S.L.

Application for membership: Greenbiz Network

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