Crowdsourcing“, or the generation of knowledge by the “crowd”, constitutes our fundamental tool at greenbiz: seeking to know the real impact of the Green Economy in the three dimensions (environmental, social and economic), we engage the companies from the Greenbiz Network in the measuring and reporting of their own impact. This way we carry out sector-specific as well as macro research studies, whose conclusions we later on spread across our network and into the mainstream, always putting special emphasis on the lessons learned and the perspectives for the future derived, that allow us to gauge strategies and future scenarios of interest for decision-makers.

On the other hand, by sharing goals and methods with and the rest of our international partners, we are able to expand and turn the knowledge-generating “crowd” into an engaged global network of leading green businesses, thus enlarging the scope and reach of our research towards european and international-scale projects.

Sector-specific studies

Sectoral studies are linked to particular environmental challenges either local or global, and to the accumulated impact of businesses upon them. Some of the most prominent challenges of our days concern:
  • Waste
  • Water
  • Energy
  • Climate Change
  • Biodiversity
  • Food

Cross-sector studies

Cross-sectoral research intends to measure macro variables in an aggregated manner (i.e. all sectors within the Green Economy), always in the three dimensions. Classic examples of such variables comprise:
  • Green jobs created
  • Ecological footprint incurred
  • Redistribution of wealth caused 

Communication & outreach

An essential task of ours has to do with the spreading and debating around the conclusions drawn from research. Our communication & outreach activities and tools include:
  • Events: conferences, presentations, round-tables and debates
  • Media partners and mainstream media
  • Our own digital channels: web/blog, social media, video channel, newsletter, etc.
  • Our global network of partners and their respective communication channels and communities

Outcome of one of our trademark multi-agent co-creation workshops, the basis for our applied research reports.